Sunday, April 27, 2014

Gifts in My Lap

I'VE ALWAYS had more than 1 dog- I like a pack relationship. My Great Dane Kor is not happy when I leave him home alone, so I decided it was time to  search. It's not easy- I have so many requirements. MUST be black and white (preferably mostly white), medium to large size, not noisy, confident- able to hold his own with Kor, tractable, clear eyes, oh it goes on.... I FINALLY found this little Queensland mix in Paso Robles, yay! Wait, oh no, I don't qualify to adopt him, because Kor is not getting neutered until he is at least a year. I was crushed.

I SEARCHED another 2 weeks, then on Wednesday of this week I decided I was spending all my time looking for dogs online. Enough! Get to work! Thirty minutes later, Anne Lang shows up at my studio door with some info from Central Valley Rescue Railroad in Lindsay, CA, wanting to know if I would donate art to their cause. I checked out their site- and saw a little dog that I must have missed when looking at Petfinder. It was love at first sight. I called the rescue, drove down an hour later, and adopted Koba. (It turns out she was just added to the site that morning!)

This is a painting I did of a dog at Valley Oak SPCA- my gift to the person that adopts him. It turns out, he was adopted Friday. Yay! But I still had the painting at my studio. I decided to take it in Friday morning on my way to Tulare. I dropped it off, and on my way out I saw a woman holding a puppy (the puppy I've been looking for.) I asked her if she just adopted it. She said no, some people just handed it to her while I was inside and then left. She asked if I was Nadi, and wasn't I looking for a pup like this? I said yes and yes, and thank you Universe.

What a cutie!

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