WHAT a talent you have.you have captured her beautifully. It was an absolute pleasure to wake up to this beautiful painting of Isla. She is a Leonburger . She was about 12 weeks old. Leonburgers coats change to the most wonderful colours so when she is fully grown I will try and capture a wonderful picture of my Hatchi and Isla together and send it to you to paint. Thankyou so much. You give so many people so much pleasure. Caroline Andrews 11/23, 2013

 Your paintings put a BIG SMILE ON MY FACE!!! Peggy Maddux 9/2013

Aug 20, 2013
"A strong rendering of this precious puppy. Great balance of color and neutrals...and those eyes. Wow, those eyes."

Rose Hielscher 9:47am Aug 16/2013
I LOVE IT NADI!!! You are SO talented! Thank you ... Thank you ... Thank you! :)

Stacie Gibbs
Aug 15, 2013
Oh my gosh Nadi!!! That is so beautiful!!!! It is absolutely perfect!!! I love it so much and will be purchasing it today!! Thank you thank you!!!

Thank you very much. It has been bought. It is so wonderful. Thank you for sharing your talent. I cried when I saw it. I love it!!!!!
Beth Hunter August 11, 2013

Dolores Holt
Fri Aug 9, 02013 9:35 AM
"What a fabulous painting! The dog's eyes captured me and wouldn't let me go."

Jul 28, 2013
I just discovered the DPW site and your work and ... I could not resist!
I love the joyful colors you used and the wonderful expression on the dog.
Is Bacardi your dog?
Wishing you continued success and great creative time.

Kim Smoot, Oct 15/2013 Beautiful Nadi just like mine! You are so talented. If anyone is thinking of having Nadi do a painting for them they are gorgeous!

Lynlee Smith Graffunder2:06pm Oct 21
Hi Nadi,
I just wanted to let you know that I got the painting today, and I just love it. Thank you so much. It is beautiful, and so very special to me. Her eyes almost speak to me.

Joy Engebrecht Not only did Nadi do an awesome job but it literally got to my house in like 2 days!!! Would recommend her to EVERYONE!! GREAT SERVICE!!!

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